Cluster: Developing Buildings & Landscapes 2

In late 2020/early 2021, a drone will be flown over the castle of Sint Maartensdijk area as part of a larger innovation initiative. Apart from normal imaging, the entire area will also be scanned with LiDAR.  This data will give our archaeologists in collaboration with the SSS project team a way to study the remains of the castle that are still under ground. This is where the innovative nature of the project really comes to the fore: because we know what the castle looked like from the excavation drawings, we can interpret the LiDAR images without having to dig ourselves.

You will study the fieldwork documentation from the 1960’s with our archaeologists and remodel the drawings into a digital environment so they can be incorporated into the LiDAR data. In the end, this data processing step will lead to the creation of a set of images through which you can communicate the possibilities and limitations of LiDAR application in archaeological research. As a team, you will also make recommendations regarding the future possibilities of LiDAR imaging in advising archaeological decision-making. The final form of your assignment will be informed by the composition of your team and your own interests and ambitions.