The design and realization of an art tech sculpture

Bison code: L.28224

Art of Tech is a start-up with a passion to bring technology to the attention of a wide audience. How? By making technical art sculptures that will inspire people for technology and art.

Art of Tech rents out technical art sculptures, offering a unique way for companies to exhibit eye catching installations at the intersection of technology and art. All designs and installations are brought in by local makers with a passion for technology. During this Smart Solutions project you will develop a smart technical art sculpture that will be exhibited.

The challenge:

You’re challenged to create a physical installation that displays negative feedback with a real example. Negative feedback makes sure that something is and remains stable. This is referred to as homeostasis in biology and an equilibrium in mechanics. Combine the different skills within your team to work towards a final product that has it all. The art-tech sculpture should make people curious. They’ll ask questions like “How does this work?” or “Why isn’t it collapsing?”.  You should strive towards an art-tech installation that confuses people. The challenge is to combine an attractive sculpture, the art side, with well-funded and clever engineering.

Ultimate goal:

The ultimate goal of the challenge is to inspire people and make them interested in technology. Your final product should be interesting for people who don’t know anything about the tech behind the product, but also for people with technical backgrounds.

All together, we are challenging you to build an art tech sculpture! Use software to model the sculpture and experiment in a lab setting with different techniques, materials and machines to create your models in reality. Depending on the ideas your group wants to pursue, different disciplines and skills are required to fix this challenge. Think of 3D printing, laser cutting, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, programming, 3D modelling and business modeling to develop value propositions.

Cluster: Storytelling and Visualisation 2