Cluster: Create Smart Business

We are Awaves, a student startup  on the campus of the University of Twente. We are building a DJ with artificial intelligence. This artificial DJ forms the basis of our Awaves Play party app, a music streaming service that will take the music experience at student house parties to a higher level. We bring the DJ to your living room.

We are looking for a team that can help us with the next step in our journey: transfer from a beta version to a full version of Awaves Play, with an improved user experience and a validated business model.

We are specifically looking for a multidisciplinary team that can help with:

UX testing – how do we make sure our user experience is perfect? Can you provide tips in the UI that we need to improve, or map the customer journey and suggest improvements there?

Business model validation – We want to follow the Spotify business model: Free to use with ads and a paid premium subscription. How do we implement ads in our music streaming app, and can we find companies who are willing to buy these? How much are they willing to pay per ad? Is our 10 euro per month premium subscription the right price for this service, and how can we validate that?

Awaves World designs – What DJ’s should we design next, and how do they fit our World? Are there DJ’s that our users like specifically? Do we need user interviews to gather data to support these decisions? How can we expand our universe just like Discord did?

Account and payment system – for those who know how to code, we have some real technical talent in our team. But there is so much to do. We need help in building the account system in Python, and to implement a Mollie payment structure. We are also constantly developing our website

Data science – We have started gathering user data, for example the likes they give to our DJ’s on specific songs. How can we use this type of data to improve our product?

These are the challenges we are facing in 2021. We are looking for a team that will work closely with us on one or more of these topics. We can discuss exactly what to work on based on your skills and what areas you are passionate about. Doing what you like gives the best results.

If this sounds like something for you let us know!