The biography of the Veluwe: an exciting and colourful story!

Bison code: L.28219


Regional tourism is an important source of income for small businesses and municipalities throughout the Netherlands. Especially given the overload of tourists in hotspots like Amsterdam, drawing these visitors to these other, less known locations is one of the research lines for the Saxion research group of Regional Development.

The Veluwe has many icons, a reason to travel and a must see for visitors. Examples of these icons are Nationaal Park de Hoge Veluwe, de Veluwezoom, castles and estates, museums, picturesque villages and an extensive collection of burial mounds, dating back to 3000 B.C. Landscape and heritage of the Veluwe are the fundamentals to show many colourful storylines. However, they lack visibility. The visitors are unable to recognize the story of the landscape and the mutual relationship between inhabitants and landscape. Also important is to use stories as an instrument to identify the region and make more connection with the visitor. For this purpose, they would like your help.

Research Goals

Design and create touristic products that allow visitors to read the biography of the Veluwe. Here you will have to:

  1. Research the historical background of the chosen area in the Veluwe, especially the biography of the landscape
  2. Research different storylines visualizing this landscape. For example: Face to Face with the Romans, Mining the Past, Meet the Iron Man, Manmade Landscape of the Veluwe: Do It Yourself; these are only examples!
  3. Research if or how these storylines can be used to design touristic products
  4. Research if or how the target group can be engaged to visit this area


During the process you will be guided by experts from Saxion and the research group Regional Development.

Cluster:  Storytelling and Visualisation 1

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):