The general practice of the future

Based on the theme “Prevention in Healthcare” of the Academy of Healthcare (AGZ), we would like to investigate and concretely shape the possibilities of the Positive Health (PG) concept within general practice together with you. This requires knowledge and skills from different disciplines and disciplines, both within and outside healthcare. If you are a student of Physiotherapy, Nursing, Health & Technology, HBO-ICT or Creative Business, you will contribute to the implementation of the PG concept within a growing general practice in Hengelo ( with this Smart Solutions Semester project. Currently, the practice consists of a general practitioner, a practice nurse (POH) and 3 assistants; in the short term, the practice will be expanded with a second general practitioner. In addition to general practitioner care, they focus specifically on patients with heart, vascular and lung diseases, diabetes and osteoporosis with regard to prevention. From 16 May 2022, the practice will move to a new location in Hengelo with more treatment rooms (4). The approach is to work at the new location from the concept of Positive Health and to work together with other professionals such as the physiotherapist, the social worker, the psychologist and / or the municipality.

At the moment, however, it is unclear where;

  1. the wishes and needs of the various professionals and patients within the general practice lie with regard to research, treatment and digital support;
  2. the possibilities that the PG concept offers for them individually and as a practice ;
  3. which concrete application possibilities, tools incl. digitisation (apps, in the working methods of the professionals are needed to implement the concept of PG;
  4. how the application possibilities, tools incl. digitisation must be given concrete form.

Both the research group and the education within AGZ opt for the vision of Positive Health (PG). PG is understood to mean ‘the ability to adapt and take control in the light of life’s social, physical and emotional challenges’ (Huber, 2013). The resilience, self-direction and self-management of people to deal with challenging situations and setbacks is central to this ( The focus is on promoting healthy behaviour, a healthy living environment and ultimately preventing disease. PG’s ideas are in line with the transition that is currently taking place in healthcare; a shift from thinking in illness and care to attention to health and behaviour (Health-Holland, 2020). This shift has important consequences for the working methods of and supporting digitisation for healthcare professionals. Intra- and interdisciplinary collaboration is central to this.

Cluster: Care organisations of the future

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):