Circular Craft Center Textiles Deventer

Bison code: L.28209

The municipality of Deventer, together with many organizations in Deventer, are going to start a Circular Craft Center for Textiles. Many household textiles are being collected and sorted out in the sorting center owned by Reshare in Deventer. The good quality textiles are being sold in the second hand market and the bad quality textiles go to the recycling companies. A large amount of the textiles, however, has a quality in between not good enough to sell in the second hand market and too good to be recycled. The aim of the Craft Center is to make new products out of these textile materials. The assignment for the group is to support the development of this center with recommendations, based on research, concerning the design of the products, the organization of the process and the cooperation between the actors, the distribution and the sales of the products made.

Cluster: Circular Production

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):