Internet of Things in pond products

Bison code: L.28207

Context/current situation

Product automation in combination with IoT solutions is not as common as it is for indoor household and office applications. Especially for the pond industry, there are no IoT products and solutions that can control pond products such as pumps, UltraViolet C (UVC) lights and filters. UVC lights are used to reduce the amount of bacteria and germs in the water and prevent algae growth.

For the water quality of the pond, it is not necessary to have a continuous water flow. Garden pumps and UVC lights consume a lot of power. So an IoT solution that can be connected to already existing pond products are beneficial for the end user. Possible IoT services are: notify the user if a filter needs to be replaced, log the water quality, notify when the water quality is below a certain threshold, set the power, make time settings for pump and UVC lights.

One solution Velda thinks of is to add a small connectivity box that can be connected between the pond device and the mains. This connectivity box can be controlled directly or indirectly with a smartphone. Another idea is to use a power line protocol. Therefore at Velda, they are interested to get ideas about new products and services that can be added to the existing Velda product that make use of IoT innovative solutions.

What smart solutions can you add and realize?

Problem statement

At Velda, they are currently looking to incorporate innovative IoT solutions to their existing products, to bring new attractive products into the market with added value for the customers. Currently, there are very few products incorporating IoT solutions in the pond industry. At this point IoT solutions are not in the core business of Velda, however they are interested and investigating the opportunities that may give them.

Project or research goal

  • Investigate and propose the incorporation of IoT solutions of pond products from Velda.

Project results

  • Market research, define user requirements.
  • Ideas and concepts for IoT applications for pond products. Working proof of concepts, feedback on ideas from pond product users.

Cluster: Sensor Technology