Outdoor experience & move concept Boschbad Apeldoorn

On the grounds of Boschbad Apeldoorn is an island with an old canoe pond and a miniature golf course. At the moment there are no activities at the canoe pond and the mini golf course has also seen better days. This place deserves to be redeveloped into a year-round concept, where leisure activities with respect for nature and experience are central.
Opposite this place is the famous Park Berg en Bos with the Apenheul inside. Berg en Bos is the name of the park, but also of the district known for tree-lined avenues with historic villas. The outdoor swimming pool ‘Boschbad’ is an attraction for young and old during the summer months.
The island and the mini golf course have an excellent location. We ask students to come here with ideas for a suitable concept, but also with an operating budget to realistically present these ideas. The concept must be in line with Apeldoorn’s local social policy.

Cluster: Tourism development

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):