Development of a personalised, smart brick for measurement of Amsterdam canal conditions

Bison code: L.28205

Context/current situation:

The Amsterdam canal conditions are in bad shape due to increased traffic. Monitoring the canal conditions is crucial in determining where repairs are most urgent. However, the current measuring method can only survey about 6 km’s of canal per month (once per month), while the total estimated length of bad canal conditions is about 200 km’s. Amsterdam is a Unesco heritage site. Therefore, any measuring technique must blend into the environment.

Problem statement:

Amsterdam has many different types of stone and brick surfaces. A sensor measuring displacement or angular movement must be made to blend into the environment. Currently, there is no solution to incorporate the sensors into the stones or bricks, without altering the appearances.

Project or research goal:

To integrate a sensor into a customizable brick or stone, to be fitted into the canal environment of Amsterdam. The solution should work for all types of bricks and stones near the canals. Important aspects are colour and texture of the stones. But also a method of 3D scanning, removal of stones and placement of stones should be developed.

Project results:

A method of 3D scanning, removal of stones, placement of stones, production and integration of sensors should be developed. Also a working prototype is required.

Cluster: Building and Technology

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):