Seamless Human Movement Measurements in Sports and Healthcare

This client is a world-leading innovator in bringing meaning to movement. The client’s Xsens motion capture technology and products make it straightforward to digitise human movement for applications in entertainment, ergonomics, health, sports, and many more. By wearing a set of Xsens sensors a person’s movements can be digitally captured, visualised, enriched and analysed. This movement data is used in health, sports, and ergonomics to objectively assess human movement. In this project, you will be investigating and innovating the user experience for movement analysis. You will analyse the user journey from putting sensors on through movement data capture to taking them off again. Xsens provides several methods for wearing sensors on the body including straps, sleeves, gloves, shirts, and full-body suits.

Based on your understanding and analysis, you will devise and prototype new ways to improve the experience of wearing a set of Xsens sensors. Together with your supervisor, you will select a particular use case such as gait or running analysis at the physiotherapist and optimise the experience for both the physiotherapist and the client. At the end the project, you will present your findings and results and demonstrate your prototypes and methods.

Will you help us determine:

  • Are there new (combinations of) methods, designs, and/or materials that can improve the experience of wearing Xsens sensors?
  • How do such improvements impact the use Xsens sensors in terms of time and ease to install and remove, comfort, and data accuracy for particular use cases in gait analysis and running?

Cluster: Sport and Technology

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):