Bring concrete printing with a robot arm to the market!

Bison code: L.28203

Context/current situation:

The 3D concrete printing lab of research group Industrial Design has a new ABB industrial robot arm. This provides new opportunities for printing, shapes, textures but also for the implementation and combining with other technologies.

Problem statement:

Concrete printing is still too new and too expensive to be implemented. This is partly due to the concrete or mortar mix, but also due to the current production process, finish and reinforcement method.  Currently there is little experience with the new printing setup, including the ABB robot arm. But new and exciting applications do have to be printed.

Project or research goal:

To use the ABB robot arm to take 3D printing in the concrete lab to the next level. We need an enthusiastic group of students in order to make the printer work in a reliable and reproducible way and take the printing to the next level.

Project results:

New tools for the robot arm, improvements for implementation, process optimization, new printing possibilities.

Cluster: 3D Printing