Cluster: Industrial Automation 1

Here, your 3S group will have a chance to work within the NPI (NanoPhysics) research department together with Salland Engineering, Bronkhorst, Maser and the University of Twente on the topic of industrialisation of so-called “MEMS” (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) devices. This is a part of the project EFRO Meteoriet.

There are several challenges in this research line that we need to tackle:

  1. a) find efficient ways to test mechanical/fluidic/optic MEMS sensors using purely electronic probing
  2. b) use computer vision (eventually with machine learning) to detect and classify fabrication defects
  3. c) reduce complexity of multiphysics models of MEMS devices
  4. d) creative electronic, mechanical and mechatronic design solutions for novel measurement & inspection techniques (e.g. infrared vision)

You will work towards solving one or more of these challenges as laid out by our industrial partners. Depending on the intake meeting with our Research Chair, your interests at the start of the project as well as the makeup of the group, we shall define your exact project and specific tasks at the start.