3D printing in healthcare – put real applications into practice!

Bison code: L.28201 (for GT: L.28202)

Context/current situation:

Currently, we’re investigating the opportunities for 3D printing in the hospital by doing brainstorm sessions with medical specialists. This will result in possible applications for the use of 3D printing in the hospital.

Problem statement:

The outcomes of the brainstorm sessions are possible cases for implementation of 3D printing in the hospital. These cases need to be executed. Examples of cases are preoperative surgical models, sawing and drilling guides or pre-bend models.

Project or research goal:

Execute cases by using 3D printing for medical use.

Project results:

1-2 executed cases, for example 3D printing models for preoperative consultation, educational models or training models.

Cluster: 3D Printing

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):