Cluster: Future Education 1

Albania is an attractive country for entrepreneurs, but also a vulnerable state, where democratic developments are at stake and well-educated people are leaving.

Saxion Chair of Resilient Democracy is partner in the KA107 Erasmus 2020 programme, together with 3 universities from Albania. Around the theme of Resilient Democracy and European Identity, there is mobility programme for students and staff. (SDG17: Partnerships for the goals)

As a start, we are developing a portal for all possible participants from universities, companies and NGOs from both countries.

Research questions are for instance:

Which specific skills and knowledge we need to focus on, when talking about capable, conscientious professionals in international business and cooperation?

What are developments in the Albanian <> Dutch businesses and the cooperation? Which companies in NL and Albania are interested and interesting to include in the project?

Which educational programmes at the universities offer possibilities for exchange or joint projects. Or which programmes are interesting for this project and why?

How can students and staff be involved in the project? What is needed to attract and support them?

How can virtual reality and other IT tools be helpful in the project? How can virtual mobility support or replace travelling or on-site experiences?

The project has just started. This means we give a lot of freedom to the students, but also require flexibility and a pro-active approach.