De Spreng: spreading tourists in a sustainable way

Bison code: L.28196

Dissemination and sustainability:

Buitensportcentrum de Spreng is located in Dieren, on the edge of the Veluwezoom. The Veluwezoom is mainly known from the Posbank. Approximately 2 million visitors come here every year. This number increases every year. This large number of visitors puts enormous pressure on a small part of the Veluwezoom. The province and municipality are committed to visitor distribution and sustainability. In order to distribute visitors on the Veluwezoom, Buitensportcentrum de Spreng has been looked at to function as a tourist starting-point to explore the area.

A number of steps have already been taken to see whether De Spreng can function as a tourist point. The following questions still need to be answered in order to complete the whole picture:

  • What innovative means can be used to spread visitors into the area of Veluwezoom from Buitensportcentrum De Spreng?
  • What sustainable options, such as means of transport, can be used for this purpose?
  • What are possible earning models?

Contribute in an innovative way to the spread of tourists and holidaymakers taking into account sustainability (smart mobility).

Cluster: Future Tourism 1

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):