VISIR – VIsion for Smart IndustRy

Bison code: L.28193


To enable labor productivity improvements in production lines, devices of Voortman Steel Machinery are increasingly equipped with vision systems for pick-and-place applications, quality controls, object localization, object recognition and welding applications. Vision systems are extremely sensitive to unpredictable changes in the environment, such as lighting, shadow formation, orientation of products and optical variations in, for example, natural products. Voortman Steel Machinery would like to investigate the applicability of vision systems in their steel processing machines but is currently lacking the knowledge to robustly introduce this in their machines.

Voortman is currently developing an innovative system that assembles and welds steel beams completely automatically. The system consists of a basic frame, three welding robots and one handling robot. An overhead crane places steel beams in the devices known as section rotators, which can rotate the beam 270 deg. A handling robot brings an attachment towards the beam, the welding robots measure the section and welds the attachment to the beam.

Currently the attachment is positioned near the beam based on theoretical measured dimensions, but due to product imperfections or robot tolerances the expected root opening can vary. This may be corrected by welding a ground layer first, but that can only be done if the actual root opening is known. To prevent these variations a solution is required to measure the actual root opening between the attachment and the beam prior to welding. The measurement itself needs to be done by a vision/laser solution which is mounted on any of the robots.

Project goal/Research goal/Problem definition:

In this project the 3S team will design, realize and test a setup that is able to measure the geometry of the attachment and beam to determine its locations. To do this a feasibility study is required to determine which vision sensor is suited to be used in the fabricator setup. Hardware selection, software development and localization of the items are keys elements in this assignment.

Project deliverables:

Design Documentation:

–           System Requirements Document

–           Functional Design Document describing design decisions

–           Technical Design Document describing your final design

–           Test Report proofing the setup meets the requirements

–           Installation and User Manual

Working Setup/System or working subsystems

Cluster: Industrial Automation