Digital backpack for Life Long Learning

People learn their entire life. They learn at school, at their internship, job, during volunteer work or when they follow online courses. But how much information got lost when you switched from your high school to Saxion? Do you have proof of the skills you learnt at your side job? Can you show your next employer proof of your abilities?

This client wants to work towards a digital backpack in which Life Long Learning is stored. You get all your diplomas, credentials and proof of skills in one place. But how do we translate our vision to practice?

We have a obstacles ahead of us when it comes to technology, finance, marketing and information management. Are you our creative thinker that can help solve these problems? Ready up on our vision in: content/uploads/2022/03/BlockChange-Whitepaper.pdf

So, in which areas can the digital backpack benefit society? And which steps need to be taken in order to put the digital backpack in the marketplace? (both technical and commercial).

Cluster: Education 2

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):