Stop plastic litter from entering the Ketelmeer

Bison code: L.28192

Context/current situation:

The IJssel is polluted with plastic litter. This marine litter continues to pollute our seas and waterways. Retrieval is time demanding and costly. The plastic litter itself is mainly seen as waste; with no value.

CLEAR RIVERS desires to retrieve the plastic litter from the IJssel in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Problem statement:

CLEAR RIVERS wants to retrieve the plastic litter from the waterways and durably recycle the recovered plastics to bring less harm to the environment and to have a financial return. The retrieval of marine litter should be effective but to very low costs.

Project or research goal:

To have a clear strategy and proposal on how to stop plastic litter from entering the Ketelmeer (via the IJssel).

Project results:

Clear insight in where CLEAR RIVERS passive Litter Traps should be implemented and or improved. Clear strategy on how marine litter can be stopped or prevented. Multiple year plan on how tackle the marine litter issue in the IJssel.

Cluster: Circularity: Waste as Resource 1

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):