Drinkable IJssel

Zooming in on a defined spot – the IJssel around Brummen, you will map out the system. Which ‘species’ are present, who interacts with whom and how could you interpret that form of interaction. In doing so, you make use of the three forms of symbiosis. The IJssel forms the core element within the ecosystem and a ‘drinkable IJssel’ is the indicator for the regenerative character of the place. You will also look at the extent to which the system, the place as a whole, is able to adapt to negative interaction effects. The result is a technologically driven visualisation (film or otherwise) of this location for the purpose of the ‘Drinkable IJssel’ project.

The end product will provide insight into the interaction at this location, with a clear explanation of the three symbiosis forms. In addition, an interactive tool may be developed that can change the interaction within the system.

So, what does the ecosystem around the IJssel near Brummen look like in terms of interaction between people, organisations and nature? And what does this mean for a drinkable river IJssel?

Cluster: Water Technology 1

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):