ATEX certified electric cargo bike for industrial use

Bison code: L.28185

Context/current situation:

For refineries and oil storage plants with an increased risk of an explosive atmosphere, there is no suitable electric bicycle for the maintenance engineers to reach the jobsites in an ATEX marked zone. For maintenance on refinery plants heavy tools and heavy replacement parts need to be transported to the jobsites. Due to the possible explosive or flammable atmosphere regular e-bikes are not suitable for this environment because the motor, battery and construction can cause sparks or hot surfaces that may ignite the explosive or flammable atmosphere.

Current situation: Market research has been done by questioning 20 different plants in the Netherlands. A motor housing for an e-bike motor has been designed by a graduate student from Mechanical Engineering.

Problem statement:

Design a prototype cargo e-bike with a load capacity of 1 europallet with a 150kg load. Use the outcome of the market research as input for the design of the bike, the drivetrain and the loading station.

Project or research goal:

The design of an ATEX compliant electric cargo bike with a loading capacity of 1 europallet and 150 kg + the weight of the user.

Project results:

Actual prototype or prototype design with documentation that is ready to be produced.

Cluster: Safety at Work

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):