The story of the river Berkel

Introduction: The river Berkel wells in Billerbeck, Germany and runs to Zutphen where it flows into the IJssel. On this route different landscapes and the river itself offer potentially different types of touristic usage. Already in 2004 a cross-border vision on the Berkel was developed. Since that time however, little has been done in terms of international co-operation, development and implementation of touristic products and services. Next to this, the vision needs updating.

Objective: In a previous SSS project the DNA of the Berkel basis was researched, including landscape, history and (touristic) use, with a focus on the administrative area of the municipality of Berkelland. The potential in terms of product development in the domains nature, culture, sport, landscape and (leisure)economy was also described and designed. Now the narrative of the Berkel needs to be described and related storylines presented in order to enhance the tourist experience and with appealing marketing / promotion potential towards specific target groups to strengthen quality tourism. This means that we are aiming for the content of the narrative(s) and the actual development of presentation(s) in terms of shape and form, media and channel(s).

So, how can the landscape of the river basin Berkel be narrated including related immersive storylines for visitors and inhabitants of Berkelland?

Cluster: Storytelling 1

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):