Artificial intelligence: dream or fear!? – 2

The world we know is about to change if we believe futurists. New technologies are expected to change the way we live, love, work and communicate. Specifically artificial intelligence (AI) promises to have a great impact on our daily routines in a great number of sectors. Within healthcare AI presents opportunities to speed up diagnostics, work more efficiently and get a better understanding of the persons we care for.

Currently, a lot of health professionals are not familiar with AI and the possibilities and potential downsides that come with it. Some professionals already work with AI based systems while others have privacy and ethical questions. It is time to change this!

A former Smart Solutions group made a first attempt in creating a tool to challenge healthcare professionals to think about the way AI will influence their work, now and in the future. They primarily focused on the content, we dare you to further develop this design and create an experience that will truly make an impact! Let’s create something that inspires, evokes different kind of feelings and above all sparks a conversation on the potential of AI in healthcare.

Do you want to co-design the future of healthcare? Do you like innovation and are you willing to transform your ideas into a real ‘conversation starter’? Join this project! This project is a cooperation between the University of Twente, Lectoraat Technology, Health & Care and Lectoraat Smart Health at Saxion.

Cluster: Creative Development

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):