A future proof Plopsaland

Bison code: L.28183

A subject that is always on our mind at the Food & Beverage team of Plopsaland de Panne, probably at almost all companies, is getting the team and company forward. When looking at upselling and specializing our marketing to do so we can make some steps to improve that.

Nowadays we try to train our staff to sell more products to the customer and being hospitable to them as well. We would love to see how we can extend this idea of upselling in the future and also in a smart way to be more professional and future ready. We would like to do this by targeted marketing, for example. One way to do this is the use of electronic menu signs like TVs for example. How can we make them appealing for children, French customers, etc. And how can we also use this smart solution for more and better upselling at the same time? We think we could use the knowledge and investigation skills from the students of Saxion to make this more tangible and also to bring us other solutions if possible.

So, in short, we would like to professionalize the company on deepening our upselling and on targeted marketing in a smart way.

Cluster: Future Tourism 2