Magical Moments in the Weerribben-Wieden

Bison code: L.28176

Weerribben-Wieden: an attractive area to visit with a lot of variety. We have a National Park, an international icon Giethoorn, and varied landscapes with villages and towns. For this area, tourism and recreation are an opportunity and a challenge.

We position Weerribben-Wieden as a sustainable heritage destination with a National Park. Competition specifically within the heritage tourism segment is growing. That’s why we want to excel and showcase and develop our beautiful heritage. We also want tourists to stay for several days. This means that there must be enough interesting offers for them. The actions we take contribute as much as possible to making the identity of Weerribben-Wieden (the tourist DNA) visible. This strengthens the authentic character and we can especially attract “valuable” visitors. These are interested visitors who are lovers of culture, ancient landscapes, nature, and the background. We consider these visitors (Insight Seekers) to be our most important target group. Also, we focus on a second, subordinate target group. These are families with children who are an important target group for various campsites and holiday parks during holiday periods and who are more focused on fun than on culture (Pleasure seekers). Within all these target groups we mainly focus on visitors from the Netherlands and the nearby countries Germany and Belgium.

The assignment for this project is: “develop magical moments around nature, economy, and ecology”. For example heritage, everyday life of crafts, etc. The result will be cross-sectorally designed products/services/arrangements, where a digital experience can be experienced (already from home), followed by a physical, authentic experience (e.g. reed cutting) at various entrepreneurs, museums, etc in the area.

The assignment builds further on the result of the SSS project of Spring 20-21 (066. European Wetlands Center), which will demonstrate, among other things, the DNA of the area and the first step towards a digital experience from home and in the area. And it will be able to link up with the results of second-year ICT students, who will develop an online evaluation tool (entrepreneurs can check offerings for suitability for target group). Also, an app is currently being developed, which allows visitors to display the offer and current crowds in the area.

Cluster: Storytelling and Visualisation 1

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):