Cluster: Circular Products 4

DCW is a municipal institution linked to the city of Enschede which aims to support people with a distance to the labour market by offering a work routine which suits their character. DCW offers a variety of operational services to their clients, such as packaging, assembling, sewing, etcetera.

DCW has expanded recently with textile related activities, such as sewing cutting, assembling. As a result they are still exploring opportunities in these areas and they see opportunities for increased efficiency, improved working orders and new potential customers and/or products.
In all this, sustainability is a key factor and functions as a core element throughout all activities.

DCW would like to offer the opportunity for an enthusiastic student group from various backgrounds to:
– Analyse and/or optimise its current operations in the area of garment making and come up with new innovative/sustainable ways to produce.
– Expand, market and sell their existing services to interested parties.
– Come up with new product concepts that offer new opportunities.
– Review opportunities for a structural partnership between DCW and Saxion regarding, for example, support for relevant start-ups, exchange knowledge between Saxion and DCW, etcetera.