Customer journey of future parents 1 – Improving hospitality within the process of childbirth

Bison code: L.28172

You will map the customer journey of the (future) parent, on behalf of Salland Birth Care. You do this from the perspective of at least 4 personas, for example:

  • a pregnant woman who does not speak Dutch,
  • a pregnant woman who is referred to a gynecologist during her pregnancy,
  • and two other personas of your own choice.

You will carry out this customer journey for at least 2 midwifery practices, the obstetrics department of the Deventer Hospital, the neonatology department, and Naviva maternity care. The customer journey produces an advisory report containing concrete improvement actions for Salland Birth Care. In addition to the advisory report, you will work out one intervention (professional product) to improve birth care. The Salland Birth Council will guide and support you in the implementation of this intervention in the form of a pilot. You will present the results of the advisory report and the pilot carried out to the board of Salland Birth Care and various maternity care organizations, to make employees aware of the points for improvement from a hospitality perspective.

Cluster: Design for Health & Wellbeing 1