VR Supernurse

Bison code: L.28170 (for GT: L.28171)

In today’s Corona times, nurses have become our new superheroes[1]. Just like normal people, superheroes need (periodic re-)training. However, trainers, materials and lab rooms are not always available. Also, many medical situations cannot be simulated in lab classes on a plastic doll.

Zorggroep Solis, Medisch Spectrum Twente and Saxion want to adopt a potentially more fun and powerful [2] training means into their practice, using Virtual Reality technology. Several possible solutions exist, or could be created, based on Desktop VR and/or Immersive VR [3]. Each solution has their pros and cons from an educational, technological and business perspective. Which VR solution is best for which training context? Can we prove this in a scientific way? We would like to explore this hot topic together with you!

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Cluster: Future Education 1

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