The future of ZozijnTV

Bison code: L.28168 (for GT: L.28169)

ZozijnTV is a two weekly broadcast for people with intellectual disabilities. The idea for an own ‘TV broadcast’ had been around for some time, but it finally became reality in the first weeks of the corona pandemic. When the clients of Zozijn had to stay at home all day in March 2021, because they could no longer go to work or daytime activities, ZozijnTV was started.

ZozijnTV is made by six employees from different parts of the organization. These colleagues together take care of the items, presentation, editing and promotion of the episodes. In addition, recordings or sometimes ready-made items are provided by clients and colleagues. The editors make a new episode of about 10 minutes every two weeks that is posted on YouTube. The broadcasts can be viewed via the link that is shared via the website, intranet and social media.

The editors of ZozijnTV would like to know more about who the viewers are, what their wishes are and how it can be made easier to watch the broadcasts. This concerns questions such as:

  • Who are the viewers of ZozijnTV and why are others not watching?
  • How can ZozijnTV better connect with the target group (people with intellectual disabilities, their family and health care workers)?
  • How can the videos become available even more easily? What are the possibilities to start an own ‘TV channel’?
  • How can the involvement of clients, relatives and employees be increased?

Cluster: Design for Health & Wellbeing 2