The beer and grounds of us all

As non-profit foundation, this brewery is a care brewery and has been brewing beer since 2015. It brews and sells beer with honest raw materials and without auxiliary substances. With resounding names such as Dalfs Blauw, Bleke Alie, Goed Goan, Dame van Dalfsen, Jan van Dalfsen and Vechtdal Blond, it is clear that this is a brewery in the Overijssels Vechtdal. The care brewery offers people with a distance to the regular labour market a useful, social daytime activity. Under the motto: “You a good beer, they a nice sheltered workplace”.

The brewery has long been ‘temporarily’ located on Molendijk in the former gymnasium, but now it will build new premises in the Poort van Noord project. On the grounds of Natuurboerderij Lindehoeve, the current barn will be converted and two will be added. This will create a brewery with more space for optimal set-up of the brewing kettles, storage and reception of groups and, of course, a perfect workplace for the staff.

But more will happen on the grounds of Natuurboerderijk Lindehoeve than just brewing beer. It will also have a social function involving residents more. By increasing the size of the brewery and the new role of the grounds, the brewery hopes to achieve its goal of generating more care-related income in addition to income from beer sales.

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):