Solutions loose fitting protheses

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people, mainly elderly, are burdened by loose fitting, and therefore malfunctioning mouth prostheses. This often results in digestive problems. For various reasons, prostheses on implants do not offer a solution for them.
Reason 1: Many elderly people have little bone structure, and therefore implantation is not possible. Moreover, the process of treatment and application of these implants is quite stressful. Reason 2: Implants plus prostheses are very expensive. Alternative: ‘ A good adhesive.’ The current adhesives give mediocre results, in addition application and cleaning is a dirty and unhygienic affair. For this reason, it is highly desirable that a better adhesive is developed and, in addition, a means/method of removing the adhesive from the prostheses and jaws. To develop a good adhesive which is also comfortable and easy to apply and clean, a perspective from different disciplines is necessary.

Cluster: Tech4Inclusion

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