Positive Healthy Employers at the Campus in Hengelo

Bison code: L.28354

Positive Health is developed by Machelt Hubert and it involves a different way to look at your health. In this vision, health is no longer related to “having or not having a disease” but as the ability of a person to deal with physical, emotional or social challenges in life. It is all about living with purpose and being in control of your own life.

We would like to implement this vision in companies. The Institute of Positive Health has created a canvas that companies can use to work on a healthy way of life. Club Life (Gym) and De Driesprong Fysiotherapeuten are part of the “B CORP TWENTE”network in which Saxion participates and they have embraced this concept and wish to make an impact at the companies at the Campus (Business Park near A1) in Hengelo.

We kindly ask you to investigate if companies are open to embrace the concept of Positive Health.  How can we support them to implement this? What kind of activities are needed? Furthermore we would like to know how you can measure the growth of Positive Health within a company and if there are certain tools we can use to support the positive impact within a company. Our ambition is to first make this part of Hengelo healthier, but to then use the experience to roll out this concept to other Business Parks or other communities (like Slangenbeek, a part of Hengelo). Therefor we need to make sure that there is a suitable and profitable business model and marketing plan.

Cluster: Design for Health & Wellbeing 2

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):