Launch an oyster mushroom farm in Apeldoorn

What is waste for one entrepreneur is a raw material for another. This is how they think at the Zwitsal site in Apeldoorn. The “Zwitsaljutter” (a person with a distance to the labour market) collects waste from entrepreneurs every day, with his cargo bike. Much of the waste is immediately given a new life by other entrepreneurs on the same park. Anything left over is properly separated in the containers of business waste collector and given a new life elsewhere.

Coffee grounds is also frequently released at the Zwitsal Park. A substance useful for growing oyster mushrooms. But then the coffee grounds has to go to a nursery super fast. How nice would it be to have an oyster mushroom farm right at the NewTechPark, on the Zwitsal terrain? Where people with a distance to the labour market run the nursery, coached by professionals?

But… then that nursery has to come about first! That is why we are looking for a motivated group of students who will arrange this.

– Create a business plan for the oyster mushroom farm, looking at feasibility, favours, permits and the appropriate partners to build the farm.

– Going as a true A-team from a loaned shipping container, heat pump and solar panels to build and operate a self-sufficient, working oyster mushroom farm according to the business plan! (including training of employees, marketing channel for the fungi, receiving favours – who gets the income from the oyster mushrooms? etc etc etc).

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):