Vredenoord 2030 care organisation of the future

Vredenoord is a residential care center for living, welfare and care and is located in the wooded area of Huis ter Heide (Utrecht). Residents (approx. 100) feel at home, there is room for meeting, meaning and attention for each other, the question of the resident is the starting point. Vredenoord is a friendly, Christian organisation where everyone is welcome. With the motto “Head, heart and hands”, Vredenoord wants to emphasise the uniqueness and unity of the human being and seek balance in physical activities, mental well-being, well-being, creative activities and reflection. Our core values are; we offer security, seek connection and are professional.

Vredenoord is in transition from residential care center to nursing home and is also looking for who the future residents group will be. Do we focus on people with psycho-geriatric disorders and/or somatics? Can we distinguish ourselves as an organisation compared to other organisations in the region? What are the needs and wishes of future residents and how do we as an organisation respond to this when it comes to housing and welfare and care? How do technology and sustainability play a role in this? And are technological developments also a response to staff shortages and an increase in complexity in healthcare?

Vredenoord is looking for students from different disciplines who can jointly (interdisciplinary) come to an interesting future scenario when it comes to housing, welfare and care within Vredenoord for the future residents in 2030.

Cluster: Care organisations of the future

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):