Sustainable Digital Museum of Archaeological Heritage

In 2022, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands celebrated the fact that their predecessor, State Service for Archaeological Investigations, was established on 1 January 1947. On the online platform LinkedIn, this 75th anniversary was celebrated in 100 posts about the care for archaeological heritage. This collection of short stories is a varied narrative on the establishment of the archaeological care for monuments in the Netherlands and how this took shape over the years. Followers of this LinkedIn-page often reacted to these posts and shared all kinds of memories of former archaeologists, excavations and events. The key question is how this digital history about archaeological heritage can be made futureproof and keep the history alive. The danger is that – if LinkedIn ceases to exist – this project will disappear. This project focuses on making the LinkedIn project #75jaarAMZ of the Dutch government more sustainable. What smart solutions are there to preserve this history project? How can we continue telling the (hi)story of the care for archaeological heritage? And still receive reactions from different people? Can we make this platform independent? Are there other ways or stories to tell on the history of archaeological heritage management in the Netherlands?

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):