In Salland, let’s put our care-tool ´Floortje´ on the map!

Bison code: L.28164 (for GT: L.28165)

Together with other long-term care organisations in Deventer and surroundings, we focus on technology in health care.

Technology can support clients and healthcare-workers during their (working) day. A great number of people, clients and healthcare-workers, are holding back in using care-technology. We want you to help us!

To let them experience and educate them in the possibilities of technology. Take away the problems and make them excited. Look with them for (new) technologies that will fulfill their needs.

When a demand for care starts, care providers often use known care. In other words, care by professionals. They forget the possibilities of care technologies. Simply because they don’t know them enough. If they want to learn about it, it turns out that the information is in different places. As a result, the healthcare professional loses the overview and it costs too much time. Most times the healthcare technology doesn’t get deployed. We’d like to make information about healthcare technologies easily available to healthcare professionals: in the Electronic Client File they use every day.

Former students have researched the needs of everyone which resulted in a list of requirements.

Together with subsequent groups of students, the Gasfabriek and Bullit Digital, we used all this data to create a mock-up and eventually developed it into a minimal viable product for Zorggroep Solis: Floortje!

With a new group of students, de Gasfabriek and Bullit Digital, we want to continue further development of Floortje. How? We need to expend our minimal valuable product into a large scale working product for caregivers of all our long-term healthcare institutions within Salland.

Our dream:

Creating a system that is easy to use and connects seamlessly to any electronic client file. Not only for the region, but for all healthcare providers in the Netherlands!

Some people within our government are already enthusiastic and  are keeping an eye on our developments. We want to show them something beautiful which really works and win them over.

Will you join us?

Cluster: Design for Health & Wellbeing 3

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):