Intelligent work wear

Bison code: L.28160

Company background:

Havep Workwear is a company specialised in producing work wear for various industries. Havep was founded in 1865 and has been a family business since then. We are mainly specialised in certified work wear for; Heat and flame, ARC and Multinorm Applications. The goal of Havep is; Creating a positive impact by a safely dressed world. Our mission: working together, creating solutions that go beyond protective wear.


Giving the development of new technologies and the growing attention for safety at work, Havep is interested in investigating the opportunities of more intelligent Protective Wear.

Possible areas of research could be:

  • How can safety work wear warn the wearer about potential risks when circumstances are changing?
  • How can safety work wear provide information about the personal health of the wearer, for example notifying truck drivers when the body is getting tired and needs resting?
  • Giving or denying access to certain rooms, depending on the work wear you are wearing?
  • Is it possible to create clothing which adapts to circumstances (normal colors during day, fluorescent during night? Etc.)

In this challenging assignment students from multiple Saxion studies are invited to participate and join the above mentioned research directions! We really appreciate people who are able to think beyond existing solutions and above all able to bring new possibilities to the table.

Cluster: Safety at Work