Church (building) of the future, in the middle of society

The Hofkerk in Oldenzaal consists of about 600 members. It is part of the Protestant Church Netherlands. In 2019, the Hofkerk Oldenzaal established a committee on the future to develop a vision for the future. This involves the continuity of the Hofkerk as an organization. Initially, attention was focused on the potential of the building to be used more broadly for the entire Oldenzaal community. However, during the process the insight came that not the building but the vision of the Hofkerk should be leading in the exploration of the future. The vision of the Hofkerk is: “We believe that in an increasingly individualistic society, looking out for each other is becoming more and more important”. In other words, the Hofkerk as an organization that wants to be part of the congregation of Oldenzaal and its surroundings.

Based on this vision, discussions were held with many parties from the cultural field in Oldenzaal. However, to date, despite much goodwill, until now no such cooperation has been established. It was therefore decided to take the initiative in projects and to look for cooperation partners in order to realize the objective justified in the vision.

Exploratory research has been done but there is no concrete business plan yet. The problem definition is “How can we transform the interior and appearance of De Hofkerk in Oldenzaal so that the building and activities appeal to young and old and contribute to ‘looking out for each other’?”

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):