Mattress from the Future

Bison code: L.28158 (for GT: L.28110)

A mattress is a multi-material product. Foams (for example PU), textile materials (synthetic and natural) and other materials like steel for the springs. In The Netherlands alone, 1,5 million mattresses are discarded every year, resulting in a large, complicated waste stream. Previous researches have established good insights in the current waste stream.

This assignment is on how, not only to re-use and recycle this waste stream but also on how to re-conceptualize the mattress for the future in order to obtain a complete circular system for mattress producers.

Considerations in this project are the UN Sustainability Goals, EU-legislation 2030 and product development methods like ‘Design for Disassembly’, ‘Co-creation’, ‘Modularity’ and other design & material development principles. What will the mattress of the future look like with the use of the current waste stream towards a circular mattress supply chain? How will re-developing the mattress of the future contribute to a circular system? In this project you can be part of this future.

During the project we will support you with our textile materials and process expertise and contact with companies in our extensive network. The project is a great opportunity for students who want to develop prototypes, processes, technologies and science. ‘Hands-on’ mentality is required!

Cluster: Future Sleeping

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):