Cluster: Future Education 2

At the end of 2022, PLUS will open a completely new, state of the art, mechanical distribution centre in Oss. From here, all (long shelf life) groceries will be distributed to the 270 supermarkets.

We’d like for our current staff and (possible) new employees to get to know the new CDC: what does the building look like, what are important processes and how will this affect your job?

The building process has started over the summer, but it will take a few years before we can enter it and have a look. We do not want to wait until the building is done. We want them to be ready for their new jobs as soon as the building is ready.

How can we on-board our (new) colleagues to:

  • Get to know the building
  • Make them enthusiastic & proud
  • Have them learn about the new processes
  • Give them a realistic image of their jobs