Validate, prototype and launching customers: Dateventure as a lean startup

Bison code: L.28129

Do you also feel that sometimes planning dates for you and your partner feels like a chore?

Do you also end up at the movies again, the same restaurant, or going for drinks?

Dateventure will take care of that problem for you. Booking a date for you and your partner with us only takes five minutes, and we will guarantee that you will go on an adventure that will create stories that you will tell your friends and later your grandchildren.

We are a startup based in Enschede, with a small team of students and young professionals.

We have done our research, conducted market analysis, and we wrote a business plan. The business case seems promising. Now it’s time for the next step: Prototyping and validating it in the market!

The aim for this project is to create a functional prototype based on all the information in the market analysis and business plan. This prototype needs to be tested by conducting in depth user validation interviews. Really understanding the needs of the market through this interview means that the prototype can then be improved. Depending on the progress we might develop the prototype into a working beta version of the final product. A corresponding business model will also be developed to create a solid business case.

We use design thinking and lean startup methodology to guide our processes.

Join us to get a taste of the entrepreneurial life. We work hard and are ambitious, but we also build cool things and have a learning culture.

We are looking for a team that is motivated and wants to deliver quality output. In return we will offer all the needed assistance and a learning experience in building your own startup.

If this sounds like something for you apply and make ready for an adventure!

Cluster: Create Smart Business