SportIT: implementation of injury advice and injury exercises

Bison code: L.28127 (for GT: L.28128)

SportIT is a concept developed by Saxion students. Within the concept SportIT a mobile application / web application is developed for trainers and clubs who are active in amateur team sports.

Within SportIT there is the wish to add a part ‘injuries’ to our concept. In this section the trainer can see, by means of a questionnaire, if his player can/may do exercises that will help him to recover from the injury. In this way the trainer keeps his players together on the training field in a responsible way.

Since this is about the health of a person, careful research has to be done in terms of legal acceptability and the health risk within these kind of concepts.

SportIT would like to see a concept being developed for the ‘injuries’ section. But SportIT does not know how to tackle the problem of making a justifiable concept. Within this concept we would like to see research-based injury exercises which are shown in a creative way. We would like to see a complete concept for the sport soccer. But it should also be applicable to other team sports.

SportIT wants to involve the student in the actual concept to create the best possible results.

Cluster:  Get Moving

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):