Kletterstraat – Surprisingly Story Rich, a hidden gem

Bison code: L.28120

The Kletterstraat is located on the south side of Olst, near the floodplains and the IJssel. It is a street through pieces of forest, an old hank, meadows, and nature. There is a much-used mountain bike route and there are various walking routes, including NS walking routes. There are many hikers to be found throughout all seasons and the residents of Olst like to make the round Kletterstraat. The client and his neighbors, residents of the street, are often held up because hikers are curious about the backgrounds of houses, locations, activities, elements, and nature. The stories surprise these random visitors and that is why the desire has been expressed to link that element of surprise with the stories for random visitors. The client would also like to link the Kletterstraat tour to the IJssel Biennale, the Rock ferry tour, and the IJsseltheater cycle tour.

It is all about storytelling! The idea is to surprise the random passer-by with the story richness of the street. Start from each house/location and find the stories behind, in all diversity, draw up and find ways to tell them. Stories about:

  • The house locations history
  • The connection with an the story of the brick work factories
  • The old ‘hank’ from the 14th century till now
  • ‘Hengforden’, hengen and forden – the river IJssel floodplains; geology and nature (amphibians, dragon and butterflies)
  • Links with Castle Hoenlo
  • Links with Castle de Haere and the ‘kozakken’
  • Foundation IJssellandschap; origin, history and today
  • The second world war; the fire, the bombs
  • The cold war and the history of the “IJssellinie”
  • The name of the street

The desire is to tell the colorful collection of stories in a diversity of forms from pure traditional, to original and creative, to high tech (e.g. signs, creative settings, steppingstones, application etc.). The end result is a story line (or lines) with an original (nature inspired-biomimicry) logo/visualization – a collection of stories (and visualizations) and a proposal/design for forms to tell – a calculation of execution costs and a creative proposal for funding.

Cluster: Storytelling and Visualisation 1

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):