Research the Combat Information Center of the Future

The Command Information Center (CiC) onboard of Naval vessels can be seen as the nerve center of all tactical operations. It collects data from sensors and other systems in order to provide the operators with a clear understanding of the actual situation with the possibility to perform combat operations.

It is used by various operators that execute specific tasks such as mission planning, situational awareness (identification and classification of the surrounding environment), warfare operations (fighting a battle with guns, missiles) etc. Currently, these operators use classic working positions that are based on a desktop console with display, trackball, keyboard, mouse, etc.

We foresee that future mission will become more complex and the amount of available information will increase dramatically, overloading the people working in the CiC. Complex information fusion, in combination with smaller crews requires an investigation for alternative solutions.

Therefore, we would like you to research the CiC of the future, a CiC that:

  • Can adapt quicky to changing missions
  • Can be operated by a smaller and possible younger crew
  • Is intuitive and flexible to use

We need creative teams that investigate new and/or alternate ways of working like:

  • haptic feedback
  • VR/AR technologies
  • Display technologies (video walls, etc)
  • Consoles and chairs

We expect :

  • Proactive team(members)
  • An out-of-the-box attitude
  • A multi-disciplinary team (Engineering, Media Tech, Industrial Product Design)
  • A lot of fun!

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):