New village monument to be realized

A modern village monument will be built in the center of Borne. With information panels referring to important events/companies/people in Borne. Links to the Internet, linked to walks and fiet routes, an interactive whole. This monument must be constructed, built, the information panels designed and filled with text, the website built etc. etc. And of course: it must be communicated with various parties, it must be marketed. The Beacon will be connected to other Beacons in the municipality. Referrals will be made between them.

What is needed:

  • designers who design the whole thing
  • technically skilled builders who determine the materials and build contacts with suppliers
  • creative people to design the panels and the website
  • text students who create the texts for the panels and the website
  • marketers who market the entire project to the various target groups
  • business economists who monitor the budget (approx. 200,000 Euros)
  • project leaders who ensure that the project runs smoothly and are in contact with all stakeholders

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):