Cluster: Live Together, Mourn Together

If there was a Tinder-like app to document your funeral wishes, would you download this app? And would this make it easier to talk and share your wishes with your relatives?

To swipe on a telephone, is as normal as breathing. But what if the breathing stops? Yes, I know: probably you’re dead. In that case, your relatives have to arrange a funeral. Do they know your funeral wishes? If not, your relatives have to decide on a lot of things in a short time (cremation or burial, which coffin, where will we have the memorial service, who should be invited, et cetera). If the wishes are known, the decision making process will be much easier, and relatives can start mourning their loss instead of having to think about planning.

In this project, students will develop (the idea of) an app. The app shows different options regarding the arrangement of a funeral. Cremation or a burial? Memorial service in a church of a bar? Wooden coffin or not? Et cetera. By swiping left or right (yes, like Tinder), users will develop a document (a pdf for example) which states their funeral wishes. The ultimate goal is to make it easier for people to talk about funeral wishes. Is it possible to make such an app attractive for young people (20-40 yrs)? And what role will gamification play? For instant: will users add more funeral wishes if they can win points?