Vitamin C in coffee capsules

Bison code: L.28111

Cupplement makes the healthiest coffee in the Netherlands. It does this by adding vitamins and superfoods to Nespresso capsules. Vitamin B is added to the current blend because these are water soluble. But we want more than just vitamin B.

Vitamin C is a fragile vitamin. In hot water or light, it can break down quickly. Yet we would like to have this vitamin in coffee capsules and for it to come out in one piece. Is this possible? And how much of the vitamin C will come out of the capsule into your cup of coffee? These are all questions that you are going to investigate.

Besides wanting to know the feasibility of this, we are also curious about the need. What is the next blend that people need the most? A blend that is good for your resistance? Your hair and skin? Or during pregnancy?

Finally, we are also curious about how best to approach the packaging, how we can put it on the website and what name we can give it.

Cluster: Food and Health

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