Cluster: Circular Products 1

Many people have a water bottle or other type of bottle which they reuse. While it is good for the environment to recycle and reuse bottles, people often neglect to take good care of their bottles. This causes the bottles to develop a small bacterial film on the inside, which is hard to clean. The film may develop into harmful bacteria or a funky weird smell, which causes people to throw out their bottles. And with Covid-19, the need for better hygiene is larger than ever.

The aim of this project is to develop and produce a machine capable of cleaning water bottles fast and efficiently, so that people can use these cleaning stations to clean their water bottles for a small fee.

This project is a continuation of an award winning International Project Week (2020) project. The ideas and methods generated there can be used to make a working machine prototype. The prototype can be used as a proof of concept to generate hype for the washer.