MediaLab: the Learning Community of Creative Business

Are you interested in the creative development and strategic implementation of innovative media? Within our learning community we try to address complex (communication) issues from practice as broadly as possible. This means that we are not only looking for creative solutions from media strategists, but also for valuable input from the field in which the issue is located.

Learning Community
The MediaLab is founded by the study programme Creative Business, the media study programme of Saxion. Within our program, students work on commercial and social issues through the development of creative media concepts and/or products. The MediaLab focuses on the process of learning and creating together. We support students in this process through the use of the latest media techniques and the guidance of media experts. Within the Medialab’s learning community, we work on different themes. Each theme has multiple issues. With this we encourage the exchange of expertise in a physical, open and social environment, not only within the project group in which you work, but also with other project groups and beyond. The MediaLab believes that cross-project collaboration, research and creation ensures that knowledge circulates faster and more effectively, which benefits the quality of the final product.

Theme: Media & History
Within the Media & History theme of the Media Lab, you will work on issues centered on our history. You research historical issues and know how to bring them to life with intriguing storytelling and innovative media. This coming semester, one issue will take center stage within this theme. That is the festive fact that the oldest Volkspark in the Netherlands will soon celebrate its 150th anniversary. In 1874, the textile family Van Heek donated this park to the people of Enschede. The central question is: how do you bring this rich textile history and the Volkspark to life?

Theme: Media & Sustainability
Within the Media & Sustainability theme of the Medialab, you work on issues in which saving energy is central. You will research communication about sustainable solutions and the different target groups you want to reach. Can you use clear communication and media to convince multiple target groups to make their environment more sustainable? This coming semester, two topics on energy conservation will take center stage within this theme, the first being Agem’s one-stop-shop solution for making your home more sustainable. The client is faced with unruly practice where attitudes and knowledge about sustainability vary widely among different target groups. The second issue is about smart meters. By now, almost everyone is familiar with the smart meter in the home. However, client Hanzenet would like to go a step further. HanzeNet wants to read smart meters and make this data understandable for all users, but with what message and (gamified) functions in their existing app can they help residents save energy?

Theme: Media & Security
Within the Media & Safety theme of the Media Lab, you work on issues in which the safety of people and the environment is central. You will research the client, the context of the safety issue and the different target groups you want to reach. Can you use clear communication and innovative media concepts to make our world just a little bit safer? This coming semester, one about security will take center stage within this theme. Defense provides all driving courses for Defense, Royal Military Police, Police and ambulance personnel through OTC training. However, the current teaching materials can use an update and they are looking for the added value of new media for their teaching program. Would you like to help think about how the Ministry of Defense can use innovative media to renew their training programs?

Theme: Media & Innovation
Within the Media & Innovation theme of the Media Lab, you will work on issues in which innovation is central. You will conduct research into groundbreaking concepts and new media to answer contemporary issues with innovative media solutions. This coming semester, two issues will take center stage within this theme. First, you can work from issues of the NPO Proeftuin. In this living lab you can work on projects that the Dutch Public Broadcasting Company undertakes in the field of innovation. There is also a demand to roll out the NPO Proeftuin platform not only online but also in real life. Secondly, House of Communication offers issues where you can work on the added value of innovative media for brands and services (and the revenue models behind them). For example, how can a brand profile itself on B-real? Or how the experience of a brand can be enhanced from the Metaverse?

Theme: Media & Health
Within the Media & Health theme of the Medialab, you work on issues involving health and well-being. You will research such a health issue and think about how new media can be part of the solution.  This coming semester, one topic within this theme will take center stage, Watch your stress. This project from the lectorate Ambient Intelligence and Saxion psychologists revolves around an ever-growing problem in our society: stress. This particular project is about the influence of stress. How can we use media to make people more aware of their stress levels, what are the stressors and what can we do to reduce stress?

Theme: Media & Journalism
Within the Media & Journalism theme of the Media Lab, you will work on issues centered on journalism. You conduct research within this context and consider how new media can be part of the solution. This coming semester, two topics are central within this theme. First, there is an issue about journalist safety and freedom. The Association of Journalists (along with others such as the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science) is calling for a campaign to raise awareness, especially among young people, of the importance of free and independent journalism. Second is an issue from the Tubantia (DPG Media). The media world is changing rapidly. The challenge we face is finding people who will contribute to that change. How do you reach those people? What does it mean to work in the media in the future? What needs are there, what roles should there be? What makes the world of Tubantia attractive? How do you recruit talent for positions that have yet to emerge?

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):