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Bison Code: L.28084

In September 2015, the leaders of 193 member states of the United Nations agreed upon 17 so-called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs concern the most urgent problems in the world such as No poverty, Gender equality and Clean and affordable energy. Countries are called to action to translate the SDGs into national objectives and policies to contribute to justice, safety and welfare in the world. As a result Saxion has signed the SDGs on march 29th 2018. What this means exactly is work in progress and still has to be transferred into concrete actions from the various Saxion courses and academies. As the Smart Solutions Semester we would like to take a lead in supporting this initiative and find innovative ways to spread the word of the SDGs and what they could mean for different target audiences representing different industries.

It is the task of the project group to select a target industry, a target communication group and 1 or more SDG’s to focus on. Based on experiences from previous project groups following examples could be inspirational for you:

  • “How can an escape room game be used to address the SDG How can students from different Saxion courses impact SDG 12 -Responsible consumption and production?”
  • “What can the new Saxion Green Office mean for student and employee perception of the SDGs?”
  • “How can Saxion students influence different stakeholders (eg. politics, consumers, students) regarding SDG 4 – Quality Education?”

The results of the project could be diverse, varying from a promotional campaign using games/products/prototypes/apps to a communication strategy for a specific Saxion course or SDG goal. To prepare for this project a 1-day workshop will be organised for the project groups to get prepared and understand better what the SDGs are all about. More information about this will follow after the project kick-off.

Note: Multiple project groups can participate in this project, provided each project group has a different target industry, target communication group and SDG they focus on.

Cluster: Future Education 2

This project contributes to the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):