Cluster: Future Education 2

Local cultural centres and community buildings are commonly referred to as ‘social real estate’. In our current Corona-times, healthful exploitation of these – particularly vulnerable – institutions has shown to have become especially difficult.
The foundation Atelier Maatschappelijk Vastgoed has been established to conjoin both the owners and users of social real estate in the crucial development of new future perspectives and innovative models for revenue. A focal point herein is to strengthen both the involvement and togetherness of the communities that are subsequently implicated though these changing and challenging times.
To do so, we make use of a method that has shown capable of generating useful insights into future potential scenarios, which successively can be translated into robust strategic choices.
The assignment we would want to give our students refers to the integration and application of game-design elements (i.e., gamification) that they, themselves, will design for this method. Bearing in mind the synergetic demand for online- and local gaming elements.
TriMotion, a Service Design company with special knowledge and skill in gamification processes, will provide the necessary supervision for these students. The students will thus be certain to not only succeed on knowledge based-goals, but will also gain applied skills into the concept of gamification.